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About Aaron

I was a union carpenter in 1982 when the union went on strike. I did not wish to get in trouble with them and I needed work, so I began setting tile, which is unrelated to a carpenter's task.

I saw my first slab of "Empress" Green Marble while at a tile wholesale warehouse. The massive piece of rock seemed to laugh at me, saying, "You can't deal with me." I began asking questions of anyone who could give me the methods of working with stone. I got sneers, arrogance, and closed doors.

By using logic and flying from the seat of my pants, I acquired enough primitive skills fooling around with marble tiles and scrap pieces of stone to be able to cut and hand-sand/polish marble, then granite. Ugh! It used to take me weeks to hand-sand the edges and, still, I would have to lacquer (faux) finish for shining.

One day I caught a glimpse of a workman using a polisher and later found a stone trade catalogue and, voila! Now I could polish edges in hours. Incredible!

With this video, I demonstrate how to save mucho time, money, and a lot of pinched fingers. If this film had been available to me in 1982, I would have mastered the stone a long time ago. Be that as it may - Here It Is!