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"I saved thousands of dollars making my own stone countertops.
Now, I make thousands of dollars making countertops for other people!" - Aaron

The information contained within this 45 minute Video and DVD will show you how Aaron fabricates and installs natural stone countertops. The trade secrets revealed in this documentary will show the average tradesman, who has a working knowledge of common hand tools, how to fabricate and install a granite (or other stone) countertop. Subjects covered in this product include:

Loading Slab at the Quarry
Dividing Slab into Sections
Overview of Power Tools
Cutting on the Truck
Use of Specific Trade Tools
Unloading Cut Slab
Grinding Edges (Bevel & Bullnose)
Cut Outs for Sinks & Stovetops
Drilling Holes for Plumbing
Finished Product

Approx. 45 Minutes

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